Day 1

In lieu of our effort to teleport to Planet Kizo, I’ve decided to record my dreams. The dream world frightens me for reasons I almost don’t want to write about. But I feel that to have any control over my world and affairs, it’s best to record my observations.
I’m looking for relationships between my dream world and the present. I’m looking for clues into the future, the past. I’m looking to have a greater understanding so my subconscious is not a mine field.
I’ve discovered that my dreams are a world. To track the relationship between my day dreams, my night dreams, and my visions, I’ve decided to create a log.
That log begins now.
Last night I dreamed that a fire was blazing at the heart of a barren desert. A giant red bird from the flame and flew across the sky. The bird cast a shadow and a rainbow trailed behind it. A parachute with a box fell from it’s wings. When the box landed water spilled out and formed an instant lake. Five coins spouted from the water and coins rained everywhere. Then I woke up.