Exciting news!  Kickstarter will be kicking off their fourth edition of Creators-in-Residence program which will feature the work of eleven residents for spring 2019. These multitalented creators will be working out of the Kickstarter’s Brooklyn HQ to develop and launch their campaigns which cover various categories. The residents include Carly Pifer, a Brooklyn based writer, and content creator, Jordan Draper, artist, and entrepreneur, Krystal Persaud, a product designer, and advocate for women working in STEM, Myriah Towner, a Brooklyn based storyteller, and digital curator,  Nicholas O’ Brien, a Brooklyn based artist and researcher, Print All Over Me, is a leading online platform that provides custom-created clothing, home goods, and textiles, Regine L. Sawyer, the owner and writer at Lockett Down Productions, Sarah Rowan, a game designer, Tim Platt, a comedian, actor, and musician, and Ytasha L. Womack, author of Afrofuturism: The World of Black Sci-Fi and Fantasy Culture and the Rayla Universe series.  LEARN MORE HERE