Planet Hope is an Earth like planet in the Andromeda Galaxy. It is the same size as Ceres. The planet was created as a utopian world in the 21 st century to use the best ideas cultivated in Earth’s history (both used and unused) as the basis for a thriving new society that valued humanity. The planet’s first inhabitants were scientists, intuitives and artists including anthropologist Ice Shakara charged with crafting a new world. They were quickly followed by wealthy space adventurers, speculators, and celebrities with monetary investment in the vision. The third wave of inhabitants were those selected through the global lottery process, a process designed to make the new Earth open for everyone. The fourth wave were the mis dubbed “undesirables,” those who caused problems on earth and were sent to Planet Hope for rehabilitation. Most on Planet Hope arrived knowing they would build a new world, fully aware that they may not go back to the home of their origin. But some of Planet Hope’s early years are shrouded in mystery and those mysteries ultimately reveal themselves. However, as Earth’s speculators began to aggressively plunder the planet for its natural resources and Earth sought to use the planet as a dumping ground for problematic people, the citizens rebelled and a movement to make Planet Hope independent of Earth began. Earth waged a standoff. The standoff left Planet Hope isolated, and although Planet Hope won their independence, their connection with Earth was deeply severed. Contact with earth and the families of those on Planet Hope stopped completely. Planet Hope created a thriving society. They named their capital Obama City and used it to celebrate the heights of technology and spirituality. Planet Hope had no military and powered their world with crystal energy. But several of the wealthy space adventurers and their descendants weren’t pleased with the planet’s classless model and their aversion to currency. They forged a separation from the rest of the planet and created Shogun City, a magnificent world designed to cater and maintain the elite values that Planet Hope shunned. They also created an illegal fighting force, the Shogun Warriors to defend their city if necessary. Planet Hope is comprised of Obama City and its outskirts; Shogun City; The Enchanted Forest; The Dugon Rain Forest, and a maze of secret tunnels. Those who live beyond the cities live in small communities in nature reserves. Beyond the city, the planet has nature cultivated much like earth. The planet has two moons, the grass is purple, and planet is rich in crystals.


Planet Hope is very “live and let live.” Race, national origin and gender are viewed as older Earth models. Citizens are much more likely to categorize themselves based on when their lineage arrived or where they live on the planet. The cultures of Obama City and Shogun City are polar opposites, with Obama City embracing a classless, fluid dynamic of freedom and community and Shogun City valuing hierarchy, power, and the values of Earth’s old royalty. In both worlds, freedom and community are highly valued. They believe in a balance of logic and intuition and use the planet’s cycles, energies and crystals, as the basis for their unique science. Culture, particularly music, art, dance, and theater are highly valued. Although they teach much of Earth’s history, they are cultivated to create a new future on their own planet. Some people celebrate a range of Earth born goddesses to represent energy centers on the planet and in the human psyche including Yemeja and Demeter. However, the goddess Ice or Shakara Shatki, the spirit of their founding anthropologist is thought to look over Planet Hope.


Moulan Shakur, the planet’s leading scientist and mystic created the Neo Astronaut Program. The planet’s shifting atmosphere complicating space travel. Shakur created a method of teleporting that would replace space travel for good. She recruited talent across the planet for her program including Kent Illmatic, an astrophysicist and athlete as well as Eartha Mandela, a Shogun Warrior. The training had great promise and included an intense psychoanalysis, meditation, and deep visualization process. Their first target was planet Kizo, a neighboring planet. When the 9 astronauts teleported with the world watching, they disappeared and never returned.


Kent Illmatic, Eartha Mandela, Minty, Enuk, Anna, Scotch, Diva, Lagos, and Dexter


The disappearance of the Neo Astronauts was followed by the mysterious disappearance of President Guatemala Che and several others. Hammer Dirk, President Che’s chief council stepped in to resolve panic and his dictatorship began. With rights stripped from the people and a mind control waves seeping into brainwaves, rebel groups emerged including the Sisters of the Enchanted Forest lead by Sui Lee and many others. When the Dirk set out to kill the children of the neo astronauts, Sui Lee put Kent’s daughter Rayla Illmatic into hiding. Rayla was put to sleep and protected for over a decade to prevent her mind from being seized.


When Rayla awakened in the Enchanted Forest, the rebels had lost all ground. Rayla was discovered by one of the few remaining forces lead by Carcine and fought by their side. Another rebel force lead by Delta Blue of Shogun City is on the other side of the planet. When Carcine seeks to find Moulan Shakur, the architect of the Neo Astronaut Program, hoping she could train them to get help on Earth, he doesn’t return, and Rayla treks across the Field of the Yellow Lady to find her. The Year is 2212. What she discovers takes her on a riveting journey through past lives, mysterious futures, and hidden worlds of lush wonder. And this is where our journey into Rayla 2212 begins…. What happens when Rayla finds Moulan Shakur?

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